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Tensor Technology Guide 

Skill level: Intermediate Level

Students: 1-100

Languages: English

Lectures: 7

What you’ll learn

  • Learning and gain wisdom with informative and motivational ancient knowledge

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • No requirements Just a clear mind, a piece of paper and pencil.

Who this course is for

  • Any Student or Participant Ages 9+

How Tealgonite can help you


 The Human Body is a very complex machine. Modern Medical science has understood approximately only 10% of the workings of the entire body. When the cells of our body undergo a change from normal healthy cells, disease sets in. In other words, when the frequency of vibration of a group of cells changes from the normal, a disease sets in. The change can occur due to accident, injury, trauma, unhealthy lifestyle, wrong food habits, or old age. The structure of Tealgonite attracts energy into it, Our bodies and minds have to deal with negative energy every day, when you use the Tealgonite energy field, as it is designed, it will energize you with a high level of energy channeled to you by your higher self. The cells, which are now abnormal can heal themselves and attain the state of normalcy with the help of adequate energy with the same frequency of vibration as a healthy cell. The 528 frequency, an   anti-entropic field, therefore, can help speed up the healing process.