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9-Key Tealgonite Benefit Results

  1. Boosts mental clarity, cognitive, vitality, & longevity.

  2. Charges, purifies & neutralizes H2O, increasing the frequency of   H2O molecules.

  3. Raise The (potential hydrogen) level well above 7.0.

  4. Promotes self DNA-regeneration, and vigorous vegetation  growth.

  5. Tuned and calibrated with 52800 Hertz, aiding with high sensory   awareness.  

  6. Invigorates and protects your immune system using frequencies.

  7. Eliminates isotope particles of CO(2), NOx(2) by scrubbing present elements.  

  8. Eliminates EMF, EMR, RF, MRI, radiation, pollutants &  harmful frequencies. 

  9. Helps with chakra therapy whilst aiding with Meditation sessions.

14 Tensor Ring Benefit Results

  1. Cleanse your water by setting a Tensor Ring over your H2O.

  2. Keeps your swimming pool clean by placing the Ring at the pump.

  3. Can be used on your shower head to detoxify your water.

  4. Efficiently increase gasoline performance & vibrations.

  5. Ideal for well-being and over health.

  6. It has an Effective relief of joint pains.

  7. Enhances healing process during illness or injury.

  8. Reduces, Decreases stress and depletes negative vibrations.

  9. Excellent for the environment.

  10. Reduces pollution in your immediate surroundings

  11. Purify & detoxifies water.

  12. Can be used as an E.M.F. Smart Meter & chemtrail blocker.

  13. Ideal to use in agriculture & home gardening, improving soil quality thus increasing plant growth.

  14. Can also be used as a pest or insect control.

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