Take your time, This is all about you!

1.  A quick summery about me

  Write an about me in a quick summery paragraph as if your are in the third person perspective, Do not refer to "I" but instead use  "Him"/"Her". A brief summary of who you are and what your accomplishments are.

2.  Biography

  Start with your name, date of birth and who "you" the person about the autobiography and life succession stories that are verifiable. 

Write information regarding success of your works, publications, any company's owned or founded by "you" and or achievements.


3.  Literary works and Publications

  Write when you first written or published your first book and or any publications.


4.  Authored Books/Published or in the works

  List your works, published books in list form.

(EXAMPLE) Your book name: Subtitle  Vol. 1, 2019, BOOK ISBN *************

5.  Notes

  List any sites you own and when you obtained them.

6.  External links

   List any external links like your websites.